During the regular scheduled monthly Board of Education meeting, the board discussed and approved the 2022-2023 School Calendar, salary scales and supplements, SNP contract bids, board policies and an ESPLOST referendum. 

A later start date in ‘22

Unlike years before where school starts at the beginning of August, the 2022-2023 School Year will see a later start date. 

“We’ve grown accustomed to students returning to school around the first of August, but in light of the renovations taking place at Metter High School next summer--extensive renovations to get that facility updated, it’s going to be a tight window, so we’re pushing the start of school back to the 12th,” said Dr. Bubba Longgrear. 

The board unanimously approved that the 2022-23 School Year will have a start date of August 12, 2022. 

Following the calendar discussion, the board went through and approved salary scales and supplements for employees based on merit and workload from the following year.

The board reviewed School Nutrition Program (SNP) contract bids, which were accepted and approved. 

Policy changes

The next action item was to review board policies and to accept and approve changes made. 

Changes were made to the Public Participation in Board Meetings policy to allow individuals to request to appear before the Board in writing at least 24 hours prior to the regular monthly meeting of the Board. In addition, a rule was added to allow the Chairman of the Board direct public participation. 

The Paid Parental Leave policy has been adjusted to allow additional leave for full-time employees who have been with the school system for 6 months or more after having a child, adopting a child, or receiving a child through foster care. Employees can utilize this one time per year for up to 120 hours or 15 days. 

The last policy reviewed and adopted was the Teacher Evaluation Appeal policy, which was put in place by the Legislature this year. It gives teachers that have been offered at least their fourth contract and then receive unsatisfactory or ineffective in the summative evaluation a chance to appeal no more than 5 days after the summit of the conference. 

The appeal refers to an evaluation given by the principal of the school to a teacher. If a teacher is unsatisfied with the results they receive, they are eligible to appeal the results. The Superintendent will then re-evaluate and make a final decision. 

The ESPLOST referendum for the November ballot was approved as the final action item. 

In other news

In other news …

•General Fund and School Nutrition Financial Reports were approved. 

•The June Board Minutes and all fundraiser requests were approved. 

•The following classified personnel were considered for employment for FY 2022: Carman McGalliard, Terah Ward and Tawanda McCullough, MHS paraprofessionals; Christina Holland, parent mentor; Anthony Normil, SFS assistant manager; Tiffany Akins, Ruby Delefuente, Ivory Perkins and Evelyn Strange, SFS substitutes; Sarah Faison, transportation substitute.

• The following personnel resignations/terminations/retirements were accepted: Ronnie Doolittle, MHS assistant principal; Melissa Fulmer, SFS substitute.

•The following personnel actions were taken: Rescind the recommendation for Stephanie Brown; Transfer former SFS substitutes to full-time employees: April Clifton, Tiffany Krieser, Cheryl Lanier, Adrian Snyder, Nicholas Waters.

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